ToneAlly Design 1

ToneAlly Design 1


We have limited stock of these beautifully lacquered first generation ToneAlly Design 1. These have a solid base and come with the black, hand selected neoprene rubber pad. They accomodate drum sticks up to 15mm thick. 5A & 5B etc.  Get them while you can!

  • Instructions For Use

    The ‘ToneAlly’ is the world’s first percussion teaching tool which focuses on the vertical movement of the drum stick or beater. TheToneAlly’ trains your drum stroke to follow the correct trajectory. This improves the learner’s understanding of technique and enables the practitioner to become a master of stick control.

    What is noticeable on first appearance is its unique vertical structure, which is wholly unlike the multitude of solely horizontal practice pads which have gone before.  Selected for its ‘Tone’, the neat 80x40mm playing surface, is hand-selected neoprene rubber enabling you to feel and hear every note. The size of this gives a clear indication of how accurate the trainer allows you to be.


    TheToneAlly’ has 4 separate ‘Allys’ to accommodate the various ‘hand-grip’ positions such as ‘matched’ and ‘traditional’ and for both left-handed and right-handed players alike.  Choose the ‘Allys’ that are best suited and the most comfortable for your preferred grip and get started.  With the trajectory of the stick being taken care of by the device, you can practice using the correct muscle groups straight away.  This is something that would normally take many years of practice and study to develop and understand.  This is a teaching tool for all who wish to maximise their learning of stick control. (Suggested exercises come with each product).

    Your ‘ToneAlly’ sits on a standard 14” or 13” snare drum, or any suitable flat surface area. The space between each ‘Ally’ is set to allow a ‘free feel of movement’ for the majority of sticks 15mm in diameter or less.

    Height of rise of stick – practise your stroke at 30, 45, and

    60 degree angles. Look after the small strokes and the big strokes will look after themselves.  The ‘ToneAlly’ is resistant to reasonable wear and tear. Keep the unit away from water and sources of heat.


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