GigPig Double Kick 7 Piece

GigPig Double Kick 7 Piece


A fantastic high quality 7 piece drum kit which comes with fixed double kick pedals, an extendable hi-hat, and 3 x cymbal arms (as pictured and featured in the videos).

With no separate hardware the setup is super quick, ready to soundcheck and play.  It has 2 fixed wheels on the bottom to glide you into position.  The 2 kick pedals are on a hinge and fold up on each side of the main unit.  The hi-hat slides into the main unit and the 3 cymbal arms collapse into the unit too.  The 10" and 12" toms slide off.  It is a fantastic design with a surprisingly big sound and is great to play!



SDrum 8"

Toms 6", 8", 10" & 12"

Kick Drum 2  x 14" 

No Cymbals Included








    Colour: Natural