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ToneAlly @ the UK Drum Show 2022

”It was so good to meet you all at the UK Drum Show 2022. After all the planning and build up, including which new products we were going to launch, the show proved to be a big success for ToneAlly! On behalf of Team ToneAlly 2022 I would like to thank each and everyone of you who tried our latest innovations and award-winning practice pads! Wishing you all good health, happiness and many years of drumming ahead!”

Tony McNally (Founder/CEO)

[With thanks to our new official ToneAlly photographer Mattinix14 for the images]

The Corps of Drums of Her Majesty’s Royal Marines visit our ToneAlly stand!

Tony demonstrates the new ToneAlly Fold-Out Double Bass Drum Practice Pad!

We also launched our new ToneAlly Travel Pad at the UK Drum Show! The world's first to display the angles of the 3 essential hand grip positions for 21st century drumming!

Learn to play without tension with ToneAlly!

A special shoutout to the UK Drum Show’s youngest demonstrator…our very own ToneAlly demonstrator Anabell Tang! Anabell is soon to be featured on BGT!!! Go Anabellllll 👊🤓🥁

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Richard Graham
Richard Graham
10 abr 2022

Amazing as ever!! I've had a look in your store for the ToneAlly Fold-Out Double Bass Drum Practice Pad but can't find it Are we going to see a package on your website? ToneAlly practice pad design 5 delux 2 x silent beater Fold-Out Double Bass Drum Practice Pad Hope to see you all again at the 2023 UK Drum show. Big thanks all Richie

Me gusta
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