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ToneAlly at the North East Guitar Show 2023

What a pleasure it was to be a part of this year's show. Great to see so many friends turn up and say hello. Thank you to Gail, Peter, and all involved....especially to our new customers who had the chance to try our multi-award winning ToneAlly teaching tools for the very 1st time!

Incidentally, Tony McNally's (CEO) 2nd instrument is guitar! Hence the vintage guitars on display!

Guitar ace Paul Rose tries out this beautiful 1962 Stratocaster at the stand!

Andy Champion and Zoe Gilby come and hang at the stand!

Great to catch up with top guitarist Joe Peterson (Big Red & the Grinners)

Delighted new customer Ella bags herself a rare Gibson! Dad Neil is her road manager, of course!

Youngsters trying out our ToneAlly practice system for the first time....fantastic!

Some of our newest friends!

There's something for everyone!

Les Tones & Paul Rose with Tony!!

Great to hang with some super local musos!

We've loved being at the show!

We hope to see you at a show sometime soon!

A snippet of Paul Rose below!

A snippet of Joe Peterson below!

Meet young drummer Oliver, drummer/educationalist Thomas Lee, and guitarist/performer Anth Purdy! We had some fun didn't we! 👊🤓🥁

A little treat to celebrate the launch of the Tony McNally Trio....coming to a guitar show near you!!!

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