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2020 Modern Drummer Readers Poll Winners!

Our congratulations go to Thomas Lang, Scott Pellegrom & Ash Soan on your great achievement so early in 2020! 21st Century thinking drummers....and we LOVE what you do!

Did you know that Thomas Lang was our first ever customer? Indeed, he was the first in the world ever to try ToneAlly when we launched at the UK Drum Show 2017.....we can still hardly believe it!

Scott Pellegrom is a rising star in the drum world! Don't miss ToneAlly and Scott at the Galway Drum Show next month!

Ash Soan is in very good company here in the Studio category results! Wowza! Another wonderful gentleman in the art of drumming.

The greatest players are always open to great new innovations! Here is Ash collecting his ToneAlly at the UK Drum Show last September

ToneAlly is "Practice made perfect!" (Gary Wallis)

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